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We provide the life sciences industry proven and practical solutions.

We primarily provide pharmaceutical chemicals for use in the life science industry. Our regulated products are manufactured in compliance with current ICH/Q7A guidelines and are in full compliance with cGMP. The regulated products are manufactured in facilities that are inspected and licensed by the local health authority, such as the FDA. The active pharmaceutical ingredients may additionally have a DMF registered in the local jurisdictions that expect or have market approval.

Not all life science products and services are strictly regulated, and thus we provide flexible industry options for non-regulated products and services. Onbio is active and involved in multiple growing segments of the life science industry today as a result of our successful acheivements with our valued customers for more than 13 years.

Most of our products, and services are the result of strategic outsourcing, which is exemplified by the modern life science industry and its ecosystem.

We value and operate with Excellence, Ethics, and Integrity. We continually strive to improve the Service, Quality, Value, and Safety of our products and services.

We provide solutions to your needs. Thank you for choosing Onbio Inc.

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Laboratory Products
Biochemicals, Enzymes, Kits, and products for life science research. Online catalog with prices.
Bulk Products
End-Use of ONBIO products ONBIO Customers
Biotechnology Applications Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical
Manufacturing and Production Fortune Global 500 Pharmaceutical
Molecular Biology Applications Corporate Public
Drug Discovery and Development Governments
Diagnostic Kits and Tools Non-profit organizations
Formulation Development Academic Institutions and Hospitals
Nutritional Product Development Corporate Private
Pharmaceutical Compounding  
Environmental Applications  
Cosmetics Development  
Health Suppliments and Vitamins  

Semi-bulk, and bulk fine chemicals for research and drug development, manufacturing, pharmaceutical compounding, and formulation development.

Chemical Sourcing

Find that impossible to locate molecule for free within hours. Thousands of company catalogues of fine chemicals in our database and growing daily. Excellent resource for your compound management team. Accelerate research by saving precious time with quick procurement of compounds.


ONBIO is currently offering competitive prices on the following selected products and additionally FREE services to help your organization.
Life Science Research Products:
Recombinant Thermostable DNA Polymerase
dNTP Sets
Shop from hundreds of laboratory reagents, reference standards, and compounds available for research and development...
2-Hydrodroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin [HPBCD]
Methyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin [M-Beta-CD]
Many more types of cyclodextrins available...
Pharmaceutical Compounding:
GMP and non-GMP compliant Fine Chemicals...
Pharmaceutical Production:  
GMP compliant APIs for drug production
Nutritional or Other Product Development:
Biotin and many more products available...
Operate productively and see your project or idea reach its milestone. Let us eventually supply you, after we reduce your cost to benefit ratio with quality and regulatory considerations often neglected when sourcing ingredients for nutritional products and other related specialty food products or projects.
Research and Formulation Development:
Explore multiple options on time, on budget, and select from various qualities, and quantities, or forms of your compound, API, excipient or biotechnology derived entity. Explore custom synthesis. Let us empower your research and development to bridge the gap within budget and time frame to reach a go/no go  

We recently were granted our DEL (Drug Establishment License) by Health Canada after inspections and audit in 2016 for GMP compliance for the purposes of import and sale of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). This is an internationally recognized standard of quality, and operations. This provides evidence of our commitment to excellence in our operations and is integral to our success.

Special Notes: Website updated on November 10, 2016. We reserve the right to forward any non Bona Fide enquiries to the relevant authorities such as the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency, USA), and RCMP in Canada. All transactions are carried out in conformity with patent laws applicable in the users country. Responsibility with respect to third parties' patent rights in a specific country lies exclusively with the user.
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