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Find the hard-to-find molecule you are looking for!

Replace your present supplier or simply use us as a backup source.

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We have a proprietory search engine that grows on a daily basis with product, contact, and pricing data.


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We provide our customers specialized services focused on searching, sorting, and selecting the best possible sources and most competitive prices for bulk quantities of organic chemicals.

We understand the importance and fidelity of the manufacturing process, clinical and diagnostic research, and quality management of products for resale, and that is why we are best suited to guarantee the greatest results for our customers.

Many of the organizations that require organic chemicals for the manufacturing process, experimentation and research, or simply for resale, have insufficient labor resources to proficiently source products. Today the marketplace demands high prices from buyers, however with effective sourcing of products, potential opportunities exist for significant savings.

Our services are specially designed to provide savings to your organization in terms of time and money.

Please try our services for FREE, we are confident that we can successfully complete your requests for any substances, whether they are pharmaceutical substances (API), enzymes, laboratory reagents, diagnostic substances, industrial chemicals or even recombinant proteins. Please send us your request for a bulk chemical search along with detailed technical information and cost constraints per unit. Simply fax, call, or preferably use our contact form with your details.

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