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Are you setting up a new laboratory or moving the lab? Please send us your list of products required and we can save you money with special introductory prices.

ONBIO is dedicated to only sell the highest quality products, with the lowest prices in Canada. If our prices are not to your satisfaction simply ask us for a special discount.


Life Science Products for Research

To request our current monthly promotions for your institution please complete the online contact form.

Please refer to the current online catalogue below for reference until release of the new catalogue. Our catalogue includes buffers, antibiotics, research pharmachemicals, biochemicals and reagents, modifying enzymes, and liquid scintillation.

We supply thousands of other life science products are not listed in our catalogue. If you are searching for a rare fine chemical please call 1-800-200-6519 or Contact us. We can search our database of greater than 1,000,000 compounds, and several thousand manufacturers worldwide for the compound to ensure your research into possible sources is serious and complete. This service we offer will not cost your laboratory any money or time. In effect we can potentially supply your laboratory with the difficult-to-find item, or substitute your current expensive source.

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Simplified HTML Catalogue of Lab Products Listing of lab products by alphanumeric order.

Simplified HTML Catalogue of Lab Products Listing of lab products by category.


PDF Catalogue of Lab Products Use additional search functions, view more details including product specifications and application comments, or print specific pages and more.

For prices please request via online contact form or call us with your request.